Massive, breathtaking castle defends from a dragon’s attack!

This grand build of a castle titled “The Cliff” by Cao Mianyu is simply breathtaking in not only scale but detail. While most large builds feature a plan to be showcased for a convention of sorts, this build was built without any intention of a showcase! This labour of love took one year to build and an estimated 3 days a week of effort with 3 very focused hours on each of those days. One just wonders where does a person amass such patience and accumulation of bricks. Believe it or not, it started out with online inspirational views of castles, and with an intention to just build a castle with a waterfall, while working on the rock landscaping. Soon enough one thing led to another, the cliff and gate and… Well, the results speak for themselves. The final build consists of a grape vineyard, a pumpkin patch, a blacksmith, and even a tavern!


There are no details spared with minifigures all going about their daily lives in this fantasy world.


The aerial view shows a very different and stunning angle and the life of the residents of the castle defending from dragons!


A closer look at the dragon attack scene!


Pumpkin patch with hobbits at play!


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  1. Cheefachi

    Ever since I was a kid I’ve been “planning” a huge detailed castle and with kids of my own now the idea is still bouncing around in my head with nothing built so far. Major kudos for this builder for realizing his vision in an excellent fashion!

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