Well-made LEGO trees really get my gears going

There’s two things LEGO Castle fans love to build: Trees and walls. Showing us interesting ways to do both is this microscale hideout by Dr. Zarkow. The wooden walls around the main structures are simple enough — just brown bars inserted into the hollow studs of flower pieces with some rubber bands for effect. The custom tree builds are the standout, providing a great reason why we need gears in every colour, and the two buildings are great little medieval builds. The base and the subtle twist of the chimney on the one building are nice touches too.

Clan of the Stonepaw Hideout: Fitzwald

1 comment on “Well-made LEGO trees really get my gears going

  1. Purple Dave

    I actually chased after those green gears for a few years before finally being able to order them from a Bricklink seller in Spain. They took about a month to arrive (I believe they crossed the Atlantic by ship), but they were only available in one Dacta set at the time, which made them very hard to come by. And the reason I needed them? Old school Bionicle Ninja Turtles, which each had three of those gears embedded in their shoulders.

    I’m not sure they really work as trees, outside of a topiary garden. They look just a little too sculpted. The TLBM joker hair, on the other hand, kinda works.

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