Santa is ripped and ready to deliver

Saint Nick needs to be in peak physical condition at this time of year. Sebastian Bachórzewski‘s compact LEGO scene shows some of the efforts the big man goes to in order to be ready for the 24th. I particularly like the way the treadmill has been put together, and Santa’s clothing lying in his locker is a nice touch. However, I’m not sure pizza is a good shout — something higher in protein, perhaps with fewer carbs, might be a better nutritional choice.

Gettin’ ready...

1 comment on “Santa is ripped and ready to deliver

  1. Purple Dave

    The pizza and Chinese food (yup, there’s som of that, too) is more believable, especially given the torso print he’s sporting. Also, do you know how cold it gets at the North Pole? In December, no less? Antarctic research scientists are given candy bars as part of their daily rations. It’s not to keep them happy, but to keep them warm. Your caloric need is amazingly higher in polar regions, which is why Eskimos eat blubber.

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