Hey there you... yes, you, reading this article on The Brothers Brick...

Hey there, yes, you… reading this article on The Brothers Brick or Facebook, or Twitter or– it doesn’t really matter… You probably know me, and how good looking I am, but just in case you don’t, my name is Wade Wilson and my not-so-favourite food that I eat only on alternate Wednesday mornings for breakfast is chimichangas. I wear red because the bad guys dig it. I do have to thank BrickinNick for loving me so much he had me immortalised in a bust of none other than me in my favourite pose when I’m quite hungry or surprised. Pick one, toss a coin, doesn’t matter. Either way, always remember, with great powers comes great superheroes made of LEGO bricks.


Oh, yeah. I love Bob Ross, so here I am, all dressed up for a party, nowhere to go. Give me a call will ya? It’s 1-800-BOB-ROSS. I’m waiting for that call to come in, so do it now, okay?