Say hello to my feathered friend

One thing’s for sure, you can always count on Tyler Clites for fun holiday themed builds, and his latest tactical turkey is no exception. I like Tyler’s simple yet effective solution for the bandolier and while easy to overlook, the single round sticking out of the out of the side of the machine gun is a nice touch. My favorite part has to be the determined facial expression and furrowed eyebrows, making this turkey look determined to live another year.

Not This Year!

From all of us here at the Brothers Brick, we wish everyone in the US a happy Thanksgiving, and as you sit down to enjoy some delicious poultry, we hope none of your turkeys put up this big of a fight.

1 comment on “Say hello to my feathered friend

  1. Taylor Connell

    . . . Am I the only one who’s getting flashbacks to that one movie about turkeys and time travel and thanksgiving? I can’t remember what it was called . . . but this reminds me of it a lot.

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