Move over Saturn V, meet the Jupiter V

We are now fully entrenched in October, but SHIPtember is still with us with this late entry by Tim Schwalfenberg. Living away from his home (and his LEGO collection), but still wanting to participate, Tim was convinced by a friend to construct an alt-build of the LEGO Saturn V and voila we have the Jupiter V. Making good use of printed elements Tim has created a sleek molded body using most of the Apollo launch vehicle, even using the stand as a kind of outrigger for a necessary splash of colour. Combine all this with some fancy editing skills and the Jupiter V looks quite capable of boldly going to a galaxy far, far away.

Jupiter V

1 comment on “Move over Saturn V, meet the Jupiter V

  1. Rocket Man

    Cool but. The Jupiter class rockets have already been made. Hint a Jupiter put the USA’s first satellite into orbit. Which means that they are allot smaller and weaker than the Saturn family of rockets. Saturn is called Saturn as it is “The next after Jupiter” in the humble words of the creater of both the Jupiter and Saturn family of rockets.

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