LEGO Ideas 21312 Women of NASA unveiled [News]

Back in February, we shared the news that LEGO Ideas chose Maia Weinstock’s Women of NASA project as one of their newest additions to the LEGO family. Today, LEGO is unveiling 21312 Women of NASA, available November 1. The primarily minifigure set has 231 pieces, and will retail for $24.99 USD.


The model, similar to LEGO Ideas 21110 Research Institute, includes four minifigures based on real-life NASA pioneers: astronomer and educator Nancy Grace Roman; computer scientist and entrepreneur Margaret Hamilton; astronaut, physicist, and entrepreneur Sally Ride; and astronaut, physician, and engineer Mae Jemison.


21312 Women of NASA also includes three mini-builds illustrating three areas of science including programming software for the space program, a model of the Hubble Space Telescope and a mini Space Shuttle Challenger with three removable rocket stages


The set also includes a booklet about the four featured women of NASA, the fan creator, and the professional LEGO designers who collaborated on the set. NASA pioneer Margaret Hamilton, fan designer Maia Weinstock, and LEGO designer Tara Wike are pictured below getting a first-look at the set earlier this month.

Margaret Hamilton Maia Weinstock and Tara Wike 01

In the original proposal, five NASA women were included but the set include just four, as Katherine Johnson chose not to be part of the set.

If the success of LEGO Ideas 21110 Research Institute is any indicator, we predict that 21312 Women of NASA will be incredibly popular as well.













5 comments on “LEGO Ideas 21312 Women of NASA unveiled [News]

  1. Rory

    In the press release on the following was stated:
    In the original proposal, five NASA women were included but the set include just four, as Katherine Johnson chose not to be part of the set.

  2. Brian Kelly

    It’s a bummer that Katherine Johnson didn’t want to be involved. We need more figures of people of color. Especially a woman who is such an excellent role model.

  3. Harvey D

    I guess you can only be a model of a role model if you get a fat check. Way to show your true colors, Katherine.

  4. Andrew

    @Harvey: Wow. That’s certainly leaping to some major assumptions about motivations. Take your unfounded accusations elsewhere, please.

  5. Brian H.

    I can’t imagine that’s the reason. She is almost 100 (99 as of 2017). She may not want to be portrayed as a toy even though this set is probably of the utmost respect. Brothers Brick might could reach out to her and find out her reasons in an interview capacity and ask her about other space lego sets in the process?

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