Alive from the Night of Frankenstein Rock and Roll!

Halloween is coming and this hideously adorable Frankie by Ben Fong is opening the show. Despite his very strained face, the monster is utterly enjoying his new loud guitar. Speaking about this awesome red guitar, I bet there’s only Marceline the Vampire Queen who could steal the show with her iconic instrument!

Halloween MOC: The Night of Frankenstein Rock and Roll!!  The concept came from the halloween mini Frankenstein figure.

1 comment on “Alive from the Night of Frankenstein Rock and Roll!

  1. Purple Dave

    The actual monster I don’t think I can place, but the guitar reminds me a lot of the one from the S14 Frankenrocker. The black part could maybe be a little more bat-shaped, but the body style and coloration red and black with silver strings and accents) are very similar.

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