Vintage gas station and diner

If you’re looking for a full-service gas station and a cozy diner where you can take a break, then Andrea Lattanzio has the place for you. Take a step back in time to this vintage LEGO gas station complete with diner and repair shop — all your roadside needs taken care of. The rounded corners of the building and its smooth red lines reflect the Art Deco style of the era, and there are great details to be found amongst the fuel pumps, road signs, and telegraph poles. Check out the photos on Flickr for interior details and more.

Art Déco Gas Station

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  1. James Milner-Smith

    Dear Brothers Brick for the past couple of days none of the images you post are showing up on the blog (I am viewing on an iPhone). Have you changed settings ? I have not changed any. I now have to click on the image to be taken to Flickr to see the image. As such, to me, your site is all words and empty boxes at present. What’s wrong, and how can it be fixed ? Love your site – just not like this. Thank you.

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