Do armed amphibian time travellers croak?

I’ve recently become a fan of Rick and Morty, and everything alien I see triggers all instincts of another time and dimension. This frog-like humanoid alien built by Random Vector is worthy of an ally in one of those adventures. You’ve got to love those magnifying glasses turned space goggles and the armed and dangerous pose of our croaking time traveller. I still can’t figure out how that mouthpiece area is held in place, but it’s an ingenious use of a part. I will always wonder, do space frogs eat bugs too?

Space Hopper

1 comment on “Do armed amphibian time travellers croak?

  1. Purple Dave

    Are you referring to the bulbous like green bit right below the glasses? That’s a Technic dart cover (old style) and might just be pinched between the glasses and something lower in the build.

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