Set sail — for adventure

Always nice to see a LEGO Fantasy/Castle creation which isn’t land-based. I like this little ship by Eggy Pop — it’s a relatively simple model, but it’s a lovely clean build. I particularly like the curved bricks creating the sense of a gathered sail. This is one of those creations where you can’t help but invent a story to go along with the scene: Where is our hero heading? On what noble quest is he engaged?


I’d like to see this diorama in real life, and take a closer look at the “waterscaping”. Check out this close-up of the nice brickwork which makes up the froth and surf as the waves wash against the rocks…

Water WIP2

2 comments on “Set sail — for adventure

  1. Russ Doesburg

    i love the color variation but its so flat. i feel like some small waves would be possible and very doable given what they have.

    the way it is makes it too still. seems to lack movement that the scene calls for.

  2. Elspeth De Montes

    Where is our hero heading? Not very far as the sails are down and the water is still…. :-)

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