A trio of triumphant Wipeout racers

LEGO builders have been inspired for years by the antigravity racers in the 1995 PlayStation game Wipeout. Marius Herrmann demonstrates his mastery of yet another LEGO genre with a trio of racers, building on his perfect Bugatti Veyron and Thunderjaw from Horizon Zero Dawn. All three use custom decals and are presented on really cool stands, begging for space on any video game geek’s desk.

The first anti-grav racer incorporates harsh angles with detailing from red leaves.

Tigron K-VSR (from "WipEout Omega Collection")

The next racer looks gorgeous in a predominantly azure color scheme, with a lovely yellow stripe and huge engines

Feisar FX350 (from "WipEout Omega Collection")

Finally, the third antigravity racer would look right at home in Homeworld — it’s reminiscent of the striping and shape of a Taiidan gunship.

AG-SYSTEMS FX350 (from "WipEout Omega Collection")