Put down on the ice for essential maintenance

Most LEGO builders would look at the snowflakes printed across the Christmas Ornament piece and think “useless part”. Not Tammo S. who took inspiration from the snow-spattered dome and turned it into a vehicle windscreen in this appropriately chilly scene. The red-to-yellow colour gradient on this baby really makes it pop against the backdrop.

moebius 1

I like the curve of the vehicle’s nose, and the iceberg setting is nicely-done, but it’s the use of the two red canoes at the rear which caught my eye. Never seen that before. It lends a cool 50s car vibe to the model — there’s more than a little Greased Lightning going on here.

moebius 6

And don’t miss the cockpit. Always nice to see this level of attention to detail…

moebius 7