He who adventures and runs away lives to adventure another day

British builder Spencer Stone has cunningly repurposed the portal beast from 76060 Doctor Strange’s Sanctum Sanctorum (which we reviewed here last year) as the focus of this neat little dungeon scene. By placing the beast in a corner and shooting the build up close from the warrior’s level, Spencer creates an almost expressionist image that puts the viewer right inside the action. A few carefully placed dungeon accoutrements and wall features beautfully round out the scene.

All that remains now is for the Dungeon Master to figure out whether our cowardly protagonist earned any experience points from this encounter. But suffice to say that he’s probably in the market for a new +1 battle axe.

1 comment on “He who adventures and runs away lives to adventure another day

  1. Purple Dave

    He did more than just shooting from a really close POV. There’s some clear camera distortion going on here, of the type that Hollywood likes to use in situations where you’re supposed to feel uncomfortable. I don’t really watch Hitchcock films, but I know he used that sort of trick for Vertigo, at the very least, since that specific scene has been recreated in homage for many other movies and TV series.

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