Serve in Heaven or reign in Hell?

Even in LEGO form, a Neomorph is a terrifying thing to behold. RC Darman‘s most recent creation perfectly captures the horror that is Alien Covenant‘s nighttime wheat field scene. This Neomorph (which is an almost adorable cousin of the Xenomorph) looks lightning fast and is perfectly proportioned. Darman’s figs are also spot on (especially Daniels with that hair!) but I get the feeling they’ll need more than a little luck to make it through the night.

The Neomorph Attack

2 comments on “Serve in Heaven or reign in Hell?

  1. Ked Walker

    Nobody reigns in hell.
    Satan himself is called the Rejected Branch (Isaiah 14) and is essentially all alone, despite having company in hell.

    But cool build. I like the front corners.

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