Miss Muffet is in for another bad day

There’s only one spider in the world I’d actually want to have in my house: this giant LEGO spider by Grant Davis. Grant uses some great techniques in this build. For example, the cherry elements in between the hinges on the legs are used to achieve tiny bands of red, while minifig caps are used to capture the round articulating joints.

Pink Poison

However, the presentation is what really makes this build shine. The spider dangles in front of a green background, belying its large scale. Grant continues to put out killer builds for the Iron Builder competition, so be sure to check out the other three we’ve highlighted already: a fan, Whack-A-Mole machine, and lotus flower.

1 comment on “Miss Muffet is in for another bad day

  1. Joey Svitek

    Looks like a particularly nasty spider. I definitely wouldn’t want to get bitten by this! It’s an absolutely stunning piece! If this were a Lego Ideas set, I’d definitely buy it!

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