Some robots can be such head cases

Gamabomb has been on a red suitcase rampage lately, and I love it. His most recent build in the series is a police SWAT drone reminiscent of concept art designs by Theo Stylianides. The builder uses a combination of System and Bionicle parts to achieve some amazing shapes and mechanical detailing. Rather than using the Scala suitcase as he did with his two previous creations, the headĀ of thisĀ drone is actually a Playmobil part. I have no beef with non-LEGO parts, and have used a couple myself, as long as it looks good — which is definitely the case here. And the custom stickers add an additional level of realism to an already great build.

SWAT Unit modell typ: Moeller

Be sure to check out his other suitcase-headed builds Botdog and Wanzer Sixfive.

4 comments on “Some robots can be such head cases

  1. Peter Post author

    As long as they are used in moderation I think they can add cool details to a MOC, originality too because its unlikely anyone has used it before.

  2. Jordan Perry

    I agree, that’s true. For me however, part of the fun of seeing amazing Lego creations is the creativity required by working within the restrictions imposed by the palette of parts available. Not that finding ways to use non-Lego parts isn’t creative, it’s just creative in a different way.
    To each, their own. :)

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