Well obviously you’d like fries with that

Check out this brilliant LEGO roadside diner by Kale Frost. This burger n’ fries joint appears to be doing a roaring trade, and rightly so. Not many snack bars have such a vivid evocation of the delights on sale — the giant burger looks juicy and tempting, and the fry box counter is brilliantly done. I love the angled yellow bricks poking from the top — a spot-on recreation of French Fries. And the use of a crystal piece as a smaller portion is a stroke of genius. Nice friendly waiting staff too. I could definitely eat lunch here.

The Diner Boys

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  1. Purple Dave

    While the builder probably deserves credit for the rest of the design, the yellow 5-point crystal only exists because it was used as an order of fries in the 2014 Heartlake Shopping Mall set:


    Still not sure why they included it in a pizza van (I have actually had pizza-fries, but never in my life can I recall eating fries with pizza), but then again I’m still not sure exactly how you’d make pizzas in a food van that tiny. Even storing pre-made frozen pizzas and just heating them up would take quite a bit of space, on top of being a heck of a lot slower service than people would be likely to tolerate in a food van.

  2. Kale

    What an odd thing to highlight Purple Dave?
    Especially as the Burger in back is very heavily inspired by a Chris Mcveigh build.

    Source; Am the builder (Yes, the rest of the build is 100% mine, but credit to Powerpig for the Burger inspiration)

  3. Purple Dave

    I wasn’t highlighting it so much as responding to this line from the article:

    “And the use of a crystal piece as a smaller portion is a stroke of genius.”

    As for the giant burger, I did see that on Bricknerd, but had completely forgotten it (and I tracked down the burger I did remember seeing from Iron Builder, and it was completely different). I said “probably” because I know there’s always a possibility that any given builder could come up with the model entirely on their own, or they may have been particularly inspired by another build that I either never saw or couldn’t remember, but the 5-point crystal I very specifically remembered as being something that got a ton of attention when that set was unveiled. But I guess not everyone remembers it.

  4. Kale

    Fair enough mate.

    Just didn’t want to take credit for that (It’s not an exact copy, but a 6×6 burger using those pieces as the top? It’d be beyond rude for me to not acknowledge him)

    And as for the Fries piece, ehh. As an artist you build a thing, you put it out there. You don’t get to choose how people respond to it. So it’s always interesting to see what people focus on. Me? I’m more proud of the menu board, and now a little guilty about the fact I didn’t dust it all better.

  5. Btainslugged

    I must say, the first thing I thought when reading the description was that the jewel piece only comes in yellow to specifically use as fries. As for giving credit to someone else for first using those dome pieces as a burger…. wasn’t there a Spongebob set where those pieces were used in a burger car?

    Love the build. Perfectly compact but full of atmosphere. Easy purchase if it was an Ideas set. I love those new CMF diner guys. Every time I see them I feel like they should be on rollerskates though. It’s be great if they did a complementary female one in a matching outfit in future.

  6. Purple Dave

    Weird. I got notification of the 6:50 post 13 minutes before the 6:48 post.

    Anyways, the tan quarter dome was used in an AAT (2014), Wookiee Gunship (2015), and finally as the ends of the giant bun on the Friends Amusement Park Hot Dog Van (2016). No burger. I’ve got the idea of a similarly-sized Duplo burger in my mind, but I did just see a graphic of that very thing using some obviously made-up parts, so that might be tainting my memory in this case.

    As for the minifigs, it’s a male torso which can work perfectly fine for a female minifig. The only problem you’d have is those hats only work on bald people.

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