Impressive LEGO Palace of Westminster built from 50,000 bricks

Anyone who has seen LEGO’s beautiful set 10253 Big Ben was no doubt impressed but might have wondered how many sets you would have to get to build the entire Palace of Westminster. Well, Jamie Douglas not only wondered that himself, but actually discovered the answer to be eleven. Yes, eleven!

Westminster Palace

That’s one Big Ben set used for Elizabeth Tower and the other 10 used to build the Victoria Tower, the House of Lords, St Stephens Hall, and all the various libraries and committee rooms in between. Plus a lot of Bricklink orders for all the extra pieces, including the roof of the beautifully angled Westminster Hall and the wonderfully decorated Parliament Square – and he did all that in just five months!

Westminster Palace

Jamie’s giant and detailed model was built exclusively for the UK event Bricktastic, taking center stage for the July 2017 show. With a footprint of 5.5 x 3 feet (1.7 x 1 metres) not a single detail of this 19th-century architectural masterpiece has been left out (I checked for myself on Google Earth). Constructed from over 50,000 bricks, Jamie confesses to having spent 30 hours planning it before even starting the epic 234-hour build. You can see more pictures on Jamie’s Flickr stream.

3 comments on “Impressive LEGO Palace of Westminster built from 50,000 bricks

  1. JoeX

    That is absolutely staggering! It doesn’t even look like Lego at first! It’s absolutely gorgeous!

  2. Jason

    I want to do a model of an historic ex royal residence but don’t know how to get the bricks to do it

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