The more things change, the more they stay the same

Last year Chris McVeigh kicked it old-school with a superbly recreated retro computer desk that made us nostalgic for floppy disks. And since reboots, remixes, and reinvention are all the rage these days, I’m inclined to forgive Chris for creating a remix of his own model. Besides, unlike certain unnamed failed reboots of recent decades, he has improved on an already excellent idea. The highlight for me is the inclusion of my all time favorite computer – the Amiga 500 – complete with joystick, floppy, and disk caddy.

My Old Desktop: Pal Edition

Chris has also captured a standard blue office chair perfectly with some very cool techniques. And the desk makes my inner grumpy old man think “they don’t make things like they used to”. It even includes working drawers! I also love the inclusion of a trusty calculator and cassette tape. All that is missing is a pencil for rewinding the damn thing …ok, maybe some things are better now than they used to be.


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  1. Dave Faust

    I think this looks amazing and I’d love to be able to build this for myself and keep it on my office desk. The lines are so clean and it has everything! Great build!

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