Look ma! LEGO made us a transformer!

Builder Serge S really really gets his money’s worth out of the LEGO sets he buys — especially the 10242 Mini Cooper. Last year he shared his alternate builds of the set that produced an elegant sports car and a monster of a truck, all from the very same set. This year he’s back with the same pieces to share with us a slick-looking two-propeller monoplane that includes a base stand. If there’s one thing I can learn from Serge, it’s that creativity gives birth from constraints, and perhaps all of us should whip out our older sets and give alternate builds a go!

Aerobatic Champion

Aerobatic Champion

2 comments on “Look ma! LEGO made us a transformer!

  1. Mike McIntire

    That’s an amazing piece of work. Anyone else remember when Lego boxes used to have photos of alternative builds on the back? Glad to see someone is still thinking about rehashing parts.

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