Indomitable Gaulish fishmonger’s hut

Asterix was my favorite graphic novel growing up, even though most of the jokes went over my head. Builder alego alego has created the home of the local fishmonger Unhygienix (Ordralfabetix in the original French comic).


My favorite features are the Han Solo Hoth headgear for fish baskets, the rock walls, and of course the LEGO bananas used for the roof — a technique the builder previously used for a treehouse we featured last year.

The beautiful stonework is made of boat tiles, round 1×1 plates and bricks for a stacked river rock effect. Best yet however, the builder gives us some great behind-the-scenes shots showing the intricate techniques behind both the rock work and the banana roof. The finished product may look nice and cohesive, but painstaking work often lies beneath seemingly straightforward LEGO creations.

WIP Maison d'Ordralfabétix