A little slice of LEGO serenity

Sometimes all you need to relax is to contemplate a beautifully-built LEGO model. This wonderful bonsai by ZiO Chao deserves your attention — chill out and soak up the serenity. The gnarled and twisted tree itself is nicely-done — with an interesting technique of inserting flower stalks into larger leaf pieces — but it’s the little rock and the display stands which elevate this into brick-built art. I want one of these for my house.

Pine Bonsai

2 comments on “A little slice of LEGO serenity

  1. Elspeth De Montes

    It’s a fan-made model so there are no building instructions as far as we know. Making instructions is quite a long winded process so it is not really the norm to create instructions for this type of build.

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