A LEGO graphics card realistic enough to stick in your PC

If you judge a LEGO creation by its ability to be mistaken for something that isn’t LEGO, then this graphics card by Cecilie Fritzvold scores a perfect 10. While the description doesn’t state which graphics card this is supposed to be, it looks very much like an MSI 780.

It’s difficult to pick a favourite part of this build. The clever angling of the blank Nexo Knights shields to create the fans is close, but the entire build of the back IO wins the day for me here.

IronB BuildForce ABS0937

Cecilie states that this is very close to being 1:1 scale, so I’d love to see it next to the real thing.  Alternatively, it would be really nice if this build could be slotted into these brick built motherboards that we’ve featured in the past. After that, we need just a few more pieces such as the power supply and case. Get on it, builders!