Summer 2017 LEGO City Jungle sets revealed at New York Toy Fair 2017 [News]

Continuing our coverage from New York Toy Fair, here’s a look at the new LEGO City Jungle sets, all coming out this June.

UPDATE (June 1): The summer wave of LEGO City Jungle sets is now available.

First up, the biggest set in this new theme: 60161 Jungle Exploration Site features a jungle temple, a crashed plane, a helicopter, an exploration truck, and a cool little amphibious vehicle. The set contains 813 pieces and will retail at $119.99

2017-02-18 08.12.01

Once you’ve explored the site, you need to analyse your findings. What better way to do it than with 60160 Jungle Mobile Lab? The lab looks robust enough to survive the rainforest, with a nicely-built rollcage around the cab window. The truck is accompanied by a waterfall scene, a fancy kayak, and what looks like a scary man-eating plant. Expect the Mobile Lab to retail at $59.99

2017-02-18 08.12.51

2017-02-18 08.12.30

The smallest set in this new action theme is 60159 Jungle Halftrack Mission. Featuring a smart halftrack, a jeep, more jungle ruins, and a Puma. The set contains 378 pieces and will retail at $39.99

2017-02-18 08.11.35

It’s important to watch out for Pumas in the LEGO jungle. In fact, when preparing your packed lunch, The Brothers Brick strongly suggest you DO NOT take turkey legs into the Puma-infested rainforest.

2017-02-18 08.11.38

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  1. Donovan

    Awesome! I can’t tell if there are any more new animals besides he Jaguar and puma. The prices though are cringy. Uhhh, why $120 for the exploration site??

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