Designate a target and the Nautilus will light them up

Two years of hard work went into the construction of this 1.75 meter long spacecraft/gun platform built by Alexander Safarik. The size is impressive, but the plentiful interesting details and beautiful lines make his build one of the best LEGO spaceships I’ve seen. I don’t know how long I’ve scrolled back and forth studying the craft at the highest resolution, noticing another great parts usage or detail with each pass.





Be sure to explore Alexander’s Flickr album showing more views of his massive creation as well as photos detailing the building process over its two year construction.

5 comments on “Designate a target and the Nautilus will light them up

  1. Purple Dave

    Using the totally scientific Bat-method of holding a LEGO plate up against the screen to get a scale of 1 real stud to six computer studs, I’m coming up with a total length of ~50″, which would translate to ~1.25 meters, not 1.75. 1.83 meters is ~6′, and this didn’t look anywhere near that long, which is what got me checking in the first place.

  2. Nick Post author

    That would work if the shot was an exact side view. Distortion at this scale from perspective, camera lens curvature, etc make that method flawed

  3. Purple Dave

    Bad Batman. That, or I was losing cognitive function because I was so tired. Probably the latter. Maybe. I’m still blaming it on Batman.

    Anyways, I tried it again with the side profile, and I do indeed get a significantly different number that comes really close to 200 studs. It still doesn’t look that long in the photos, but I know that’s pretty common with large builds. The odd thing is, the numbers work out better in the side profile, where it looks even shorter because the top angle hides quite a bit of the girth.

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