The LEGO Batman Movie sets on sale at Amazon [News]

Coinciding with the release of The LEGO Batman Movie, which we reviewed recently, Amazon has discounted some of the movie tie-in sets. The following five sets are all at least 10% off.

Also check out our Star Wars sales post from last month, as all of those sets are still on sale, and don’t miss the free Disco Batman and Tears of Batman minifigures that are free with purchases¬†$75 or more from the LEGO Shop Online.

Batcave Break-in is 12% off, on sale for $88.00. See our review of this set!

The Scuttler is 11% off, on sale for $71.05

Clayface Splat Attack is 11% off, on sale for $30.97.

Mr. Freeze Ice Attack is 16% off, on sale for $16.82.

Catwoman Catcycle Chase is 16% off, on sale for $16.82.