This is one motorcycle gang you don’t want to cross

LEGO makes a wide variety of minifig-scale motorcycles, including a dirtbike, a large police-style bike, and even a pretty nifty Duplo motorcycle. These vehicles are nice, but it’s always refreshing when builders create their own unique vehicles instead. And that’s exactly what BenFifteenTheChicken did with these amazing superhero motorbikes.


Ben’s motorcycles look small enough to be made from a single LEGO mold, but look closely. Each of these bikes are built out of tons of tiny pieces like minifig hands, weapons, and headlight bricks.


I love that Ben built different bikes for Wolverine, the Punisher, Ghost Rider, and (everyone’s favorite) Deadpool. Each of these bikes have their own unique style and closely relate to the comic book character’s style and personality.