A serious LEGO tractor for serious LEGO farmers

When you’ve got a big farm, you need a big tractor. Taking a break from his usual WWII tanks, Nick presents us with his model of a Case IH STX 530 Quad Trac, one of the most capable workhorses in the industry.

Case IH STX 530

If the quad tracks are any clue, this is one serious farm implement (and not cheap either – a used one will run over $150,000 USD). The cabin, track system and color blocking are well done here. The chemical tank mounted up front is a nice touch as well. They say money can’t buy you happiness. But it can buy you a Case IH Tractor, and I’ve never seen a sad person driving a Case IH.

Case IH STX 530

3 comments on “A serious LEGO tractor for serious LEGO farmers

  1. JoeX

    To quote James May, that’s a bloody tank, you idiot! One of the best Top Gear episodes featured a tractor similar to this one. What a fantastic model!

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