St. Michel’s Cathedral in stunning detail

After nearly two years, Jiuru Yang has given a beautiful gift to the LEGO world: St. Michel’s Cathedral, a 20,000 piece work of art. This highly detailed cathedral draws inspiration from Reims Cathedral and Notre Dame, both in France.

lego st.michel cathedral

The level of detail is magnificent; I invite you to tour through Jiuru’s photos and experience the details throughout. Of particular note is the beautiful mosaic in the center, along with the tomb in a place of honor.

Check out more photos below the jump!

lego St.Michel Cathedral nave
lego St.Michel Cathedral chairs
lego St.Michel Cathedral the altar, organ and choir
lego liontomb

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  1. John Kraemer (@Kc8wzm)

    Love the detailing. But a Church (any kind) should always be shown with as many people as one can get their hands on. When you don’t have the people inside. You are not showing how amazing and powerful the church is.

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