New digital LEGO building software, BrickLink, now available [News]

Those of you who build with digital bricks now have a new option. BrickLink launched a CAD-like digital LEGO building software earlier today called to compete with current programs such as LEGO Digital Designer and LDraw. The software was demoed for builders at BrickCon 2016 and is now available for free on both PC and Mac computers.

Bricklink Studio Logo

We have a review of the software coming, but at first glance, there are quite a few features to get excited about.

  • Direct integration to BrickLink’s catalog to make finding LEGO parts easier
  • Color check as you build to see if a part even exits in the color you want
  • Continuous price estimates to see how a part affects the total estimated price of the model
  • Simultaneous real-time building with multiple people
  • CAD-like controls to allow for building in any direction (including illegal connections)
  • Ability to import your current projects from LDraw and LDD
  • Integration with BrickLink to export a digital model to a wanted list

The software is an open beta test right now, so you can expect a few bumps and more updates to come, but we’re always excited to see a new tool for the building community.