Fifteen years of evolved combat: A LEGO Halo roundup

Today marks the fifteenth anniversary of both Halo: Combat Evolved and Microsoft’s Xbox console. Halo has had a massive impact on console first person shooters, game storytelling, multiplayer, and sales of the Xbox, but today we’re looking at another aspect of Halo’s influence. We’ve rounded up a small selection of the amazing builds the adventures of Master Chief has inspired LEGO fans to create. Pause your sixteen player LAN game on Blood Gulch and explore some of the best of LEGO Halo.

“That… is another Halo.”

First up is Catsy [CC] with his microscale model of the ringworld itself, spanning nearly 5 feet across.

Halo Ringworld scene

“Don’t make a girl a promise if you know you can’t keep it.”

Sean and Steph Mayo’s mosaic of the AI Cortana is not just beautiful; it’s fully motorized for a holographic effect, and one of the most interesting builds I’ve seen in person.

Cortana: A Holographic Mosaic

Killtacular! Killtrocity! Killimanjaro!

Halo is known for its multiplayer as much as its story, and these Spartan-IIIs by Mike Nieves look ready to prolong the endless struggle of red versus blue.

Red vs Blue

“You know how expensive this gear is, son?”

If large scale Spartan figures just aren’t massive enough, try a wearable Master Chief armor set constructed and worn by Ben Caulkins.

Master Chief MJOLNIR Mark VI Armor

Feet first into Hell

Over the years, minifigure scale Halo builds have been dominated by iteration after iteration of vehicles like the Warthog, but sometimes there are great dioramas like Halo 3: ODST’s Uplift Nature Reserve by Sean Cassidy.

LEGO Halo 3 ODST Uplift Nature Reserve

“She was supposed to be massive, but the project was only in prototype when we left.”

Cody Fowler created a great microscale model of the flagship for Halo 4 & 5, UNSC Infinity, as it appears during its commissioning.


The outcome justifies the deed.

From Halo Wars, the first Halo title to be a real-time strategy game instead of first person shooter, is the UNSC Spirit of Fire constructed at a massive 8 feet long over 4 years by Mark Kelso.

UNSC Spirit of Fire

“Could we possibly make any more noise?! …I guess so.”

Over the years, I have built many gaming weapons in 1:1 scale, and if I had to narrow down my favorite Halo builds of mine, I would pick Nornfang, Spartan Linda’s sniper rifle from Halo 5, and the classic MA5 series assault rifle.

Nornfang - Halo 5: Guardians

Halo 5 MA5D Assault Rifle

LEGO Halo is not finished. I think we’re just getting started.