Vikings menace a huge LEGO display of Anglo Saxon Britain

Brick To The Past is a collective of British builders who specialize in large-scale historical dioramas in LEGO. We’ve covered some of their previous masterpieces, including a huge Roman camp and section of Hadrian’s Wall, and their recreation of the streets of Victorian London. We recently interviewed leading member James Pegrum about BttP’s impressive Battle of Hastings display. As if that wasn’t enough for 2016, the gang’s latest effort is this enormous diorama depicting a section of Anglo Saxon Britain in 793AD.

England 793

As you’d expect from such a large model, there are numerous areas worthy of your attention. An obvious highlight is the monastery under attack by Viking raiders…

The Holy Island

Viking raiders were the bane of Northern England and Scotland’s seashore communities in this period — regularly looting villages and burning homes. In later times the Norsemen were to settle in the region more permanently and peacefully, lending the North many of its distinctive placenames. However, who wants to see a completely peaceful LEGO model? We want ACTION, like monks leaping into the sea…

Leap of Faith!

Of course, it isn’t all war and chaos. The model also features more domestic scenes of everyday life in the period. Here’s a small fishing village — showcasing the BttP builders’ trademark attention to historical detail…

Fishing Village

And then there’s the larger settlement, perched atop an impressively-landscaped hill…

Anglo Saxon Settlement

But perhaps my favourite bit of the whole layout is the decidedly spooky forest section. Check out this brave soul tending his grazing cattle. Not sure I’d be in those woods by myself. Who knows what’s lurking behind the trees?

Anglo Saxon forest scene

All-in-all this is another amazing collaborative build. I’m looking forward to seeing what the guys come up with for next year’s LEGO show season.

Brick To The Past builders