What’s this? What’s this?! There’s color everywhere!

Are you ready for a trip to Halloween Town? We posted a fantastic minifig-scale scene with Jack Skellington and the Mayor earlier, and have more to show you from The Nightmare Before Christmas. Let’s get this party started!

First up is a great pair of custom minifigs from Yong Hoon Yoon. His minifig scale Jack and Sally are just wonderful; Sally is spot on.

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CK HO brings us this large chibi version of Jack and his faithful ghostly pooch, Zero. Jack’s giant grin is quite effective with the use of the string piece with studs at each end and rods. The little tree is delightfully creepy to complete the scene.

bb chai brings us up with a larger scale version of Sally, Jack, and Zero. This version of Jack is quite a bit more sinister than CK HO’s; Sally’s patchwork dress is quite vibrant. I like the use of the spiny vine piece to stand in as patchwork.