Do you also practice the art of Irish Yoga?

Every country has it’s stereotypes and when someone mentions Ireland, what are the first things that pop into your mind? Friendly, chatty, red headed, like a drink or three, plenty of siblings …but yoga gurus? Well, these three Irishmen created by Matt Rowntree are all expert practitioners in the art of Irish Yoga. We have a passed out ‘mooner’ who has lost a shoe as well as his belt! Mid-celebration soccer fan who seems to have enjoyed a half-time tipple when his team won (or maybe lost, given that black eye). And finally my favourite, with an ingenious flaming red beard who thinks he’s still walking and socialising, judging by his relaxed position on the floor.

Irish Yoga

The great thing about Irish Yoga is that it is all-inclusive. After a few celebratory drinks, we can all become masters in this ancient art.