Han Solo & Chewbacca’s massive Erevana in UCS-scale LEGO

In The Force Awakens, a massive ship suddenly looms over the Millennium Falcon as Rey pilots the venerable freighter away from Jakku. The enormous ship swallows the Falcon whole. It’s not until a few moments later that we realize just who was piloting the Baleen-class heavy freighter dubbed Erevana. I’ve wanted to see a LEGO Erevana ever since I saw The Force Awakens, and nearly a year later Forgotten Days has granted my wish. This LEGO Erevana is massive enough to swallow a LEGO Millennium Falcon — though a microscale one to be sure. The non-repetitive cargo containers behind the main hangar bay section add nice blocks of color and texture to an otherwise “boring” cargo freighter.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens - UCS The Eravana (SHIPtemper2016)

You can see a full time-lapse of the build in this video: