Here comes the Maschinen Krieger parade

It’s that time of year again, when MaKtoberfest brings a parade of LEGO creations inspired by the distinctive near-future aesthetic of Maschinen Krieger sci-fi. The curved organic style of MaK is difficult to pull off in bricks, but this biped walker by Pico van Grootveld properly hits the mark.

FreudeHuhn - Ma.Ktober 2016

This has all the requisite curves and awkward angles for a good MaK creation, and I love the little touches like the stickered plates at ankle and thigh. But what makes the model for me is the addition of the smiley face — exactly what you’d imagine the walker’s pilot adding in a moment of bleak humour. The presentation is excellent too, depicting this creation as a scale model kit (a format which provides much of the inspiration for MaK builders).