HMS Enterprise vs. the Continental privateer Oliver Cromwell

I love a good sea battle. This LEGO scene built by E J featuring two excellent sailing ships — the British HMS Enterprise and the American privateer Oliver Cromwell — I can almost feel the whipping wind, smell the salt spray, and hear the creak and strain of wood, the bellowed orders, and the thunder of the broadside.

HMS Enterprize vs. Oliver Cromwell

Both ships are fully rigged with custom sails and rigging, and worth a closer look.

HMS Enterprise has lovely yellow lines on a jet black hull.

HMS Enterprize - A Minor Refit

The LEGO model is 5 feet long, with a complete interior. For example, the gun deck features the galley in the bow and the captain’s quarters in the stern.

HMS Enterprize - Gundeck - Furnished

The smaller Revolutionary War privateer Oliver Cromwell from Massachusetts is 3 feet from stem to stern, with some lovely curves both along the sides of the hull and over the captain’s cabin.

Privateer Oliver Cromwell

Check out lots more photos of both ships in the builder’s photostream on Flickr.