Win 1 of 4 signed copies of LEGO Star Wars Build Your Own Adventure [News]

Proving that we can only go so long without giving away something Star Wars-related (with a break in August to give away the new Ghostbusters Ecto-1), this month we’re delighted to be giving away four copies of the new LEGO Star Wars Build Your Own Adventure. This is a particularly special giveaway, since TBB’s own Rod Gillies created all the models in the book, and will be signing each of the books you can win! To enter, click here.

LEGO Star Wars Build Your Own Adventure

We’ll also send each winner a snazzy TBB T-shirt and other cool swag, but thanks in particular to Rod and our friends at DK for the books!

The book will be available on August 2nd, and we’ll do our best to set aside our love of Rod to bring you a balanced review soon.