“But I don’t want to go among mad people...”

Oh you can’t help that — we’re all mad here. So much so that we love these Alice In Wonderland figures by Brick Blue Wren very much indeed. We’ve featured a couple of Alice-themed LEGO creations recently, and personally I never tire of seeing Moko’s brilliant Alice and the White Rabbit model, but I thought these figures were very cool too…

Tarrant Hightopp (the Hatter), Alice, Mirana (the White Queen) and Iracebeth (the Red Queen). In a style inspired by Latranger Absurde.

The details of the Mad Hatter’s outfit are simply spot-on, and the shaping on the female figures’ outfits is excellent. I particularly like the turntable bases on the Red Queen’s dress — simple parts use, but creating a realistic impression of an embroidered pattern. I want a White Rabbit and Cheshire Cat at this scale now please. Oh, and a drug-smoking Caterpillar while you’re at it.