The Golden Hall of Rohan

Remember the Golden Hall scene from The Lord of the Rings movie? Well kingdomviewbricks built it. Look closely and you’ll see that this build doesn’t use any traditional “studs up” building techniques. Instead, the walls and floors are built “studs not on top” (SNOT) and the columns are built upside-down. By using these unusual building styles, the builder was able to seamlessly incorporate two impressive mosaics into the scene: a rider of Rohan tapestry and a cobblestone floor with a hidden message.

The King of the Golden Hall

I love the various textures in this build. Also, I particularly like the close up photograph below showing Gandalf revealing himself as Gandalf the White to Saruman and Grima Wormtongue. That lighting is phenomenal and the image perfectly captures an iconic moment in the Lord of the Rings storyline.

The King of the Golden Hall

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  1. wunztwice

    Years ago it was a fantastic model of the Golden Hall I stumbled across (On Brickshelf, no less) which brought me out of my ‘grey ages’ and full force into AFOL-dom! Great to see another take!

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