They say the neon lights are bright on Broadway

Our very own Elspeth has combined her passion for LEGO and Broadway theater to create iconic scenes from the stage. She’s picked four classic productions and created scenes of one of the climactic moments.

To start us off, let us journey beneath the Opera Populaire with the Phantom of the Opera. I absolutely love the candelabra. The build wonderfully matches the iconic scene of the Phantom taking Christine to his lair for the first time.

LEGO Phantom Opera Theatre Scene

The Lion King is a favorite of mine. It was my favorite movie as a kid, and the musical is phenomenal. Here, Elspeth shows us the circle of life, presenting Simba at Pride Rock. What I absolutely love about this one is the use of Chima animals as the puppet heads of the stage performers, as well as the full-body puppets of the other animals.

LEGO The Lion King Theatre Scene

I don’t know about you, but I can totally hear the people sing with this one. The barricade is immediately recognizable from Les Miserables. It’s also no spoiler that every one of them dies. Then sings about it.

LEGO Les Miserables Theatre Scene

I’ll totally admit I’ve never seen Dirty Dancing. I’ve seen the end scene a number of times, though, since that’s all I ever managed to catch on TV. So I do at least recognize this fantastic scene.

LEGO Dirty Dancing Theatre Scene