Space Chefs contest – Winners Announced!

There were some amazing entries cooked up for our Space Chefs contest. It took us a while to narrow the field down to our absolute favorites. But the votes are in, the judges have decided, and here are the results.

First place in the Cosmic Kitchen category goes to IamKritch with his fabulous Intergalactic Sushi stand…

Intergalactic Sushi 03

We loved the compact kiosk, the clever use of curved pieces to create a space-age feel, and all the fun and detail — in particular, all the printed tiles and the bin monster!

And first place in the Space Chefs On-The-Go category goes to Ted Andes for his Gruel Wagon…

Gruel Wagon

This made some of the judges laugh-out-loud. It’s a great idea, well-executed. The flow of the gloopy gruel from the hose is particularly good.

Second place in the Cosmic Kitchen category goes to Joshua for his hugely-impressive Intergalactic Jack’s Gourmet Diner…

Intergalactic Jack's Gourmet Diner

What’s not to love here? Great externals, nice vehicles, and a detailed interior too. This pushed IamKritch hard for the winning position.

And second place in the Space Chefs On-The-Go category goes to Lego7 for his excellent Space Hot Dog Chef…

Space Hot Dog Chef - Step3

A brilliant model, and funny too — exactly the sort of thing we hoped the Space Chefs competition would prompt. Well done!

Finally, the winner of the Master Chef Award – taking home a copy of LEGO Space: Building The Future (signed by the authors Tim Goddard and Pete Reid no less!) is…

Simply Bricking It – who built 3 fabulous entries…


Blactation Delivery

Premier Space Dining

These models amused and amazed us in equal measure. Great building skills and a good sense of humor — great stuff!

Thanks to everyone who took part. Keep on cooking you crazy Space Chefs!