Interview with Carl Greatrix, creator of the Caterham 7 LEGO Ideas set

Carl Greatrix‘s Caterham 7 was recently revealed as the next LEGO Ideas set. The announcement was met with almost universal approval, mixed with some surprise that such an obviously adult-oriented and complex model had made it through the review.

Caterham 7's

The Brothers Brick got in touch with Carl to get some of his thoughts following the announcement…

TBB: So, you’ve got to be delighted about the news. How does it feel to have an official LEGO set coming out?
Carl: I’m obviously super-excited. It means that everyone who wanted one, will now be able to get one. The realization is slowly but surely sinking in — the fact there will be an official LEGO set, available in practically every LEGO shop around the world, it’s quite a humbling thought and feels like a huge achievement.

TBB: What made you decide to build the Caterham in the first place? Most of your followers will know you’re a bit of a petrol-head, but is this car a particular favourite of yours?
Carl: The petrol-head within has never died! I’ve had some real fun times in Caterhams on the track in my past years, and I felt it would make an almost perfect LEGO model. And at this scale I’d be able to get the details I wanted into it.
I had never planned on trying to turn it into an Ideas set. In fact I think it was around 6 months after building before I submitted the model to Ideas. The submission was solely due to so many requests at shows from members of the public asking how could they get one!

TBB: You’re well-known as a model designer for the LEGO video games. Any chance we’ll see a Caterham showing up as an Easter Egg in a forthcoming game?
Carl: No!…As much as I’d like to.

TBB: Do you have any advice for anyone pushing a creation on the LEGO Ideas platform?
Carl: Stay determined and try to keep the interest at a good level all along the ride to 10,000 votes. Don’t expect to just submit then sit back and do nothing! I had no idea how much hard work it was going to be. I had to become very pro-active in promoting it, although luckily Caterham loved the model too so were very keen to help however they could.

TBB: One final question — is it true the model was designed to Jack Stone figure scale?
Carl: Ha. I think his spies have misinformed you!
TBB: Thanks Carl, and congratulations once again.

I was so pleased for Carl getting through the Ideas review, I built my own little Caterham 7 to celebrate. And Carl, if you’re reading this… this is the color-scheme I’d love to be in your set!
Microscale Caterham 7

1 comment on “Interview with Carl Greatrix, creator of the Caterham 7 LEGO Ideas set

  1. Aanchir

    I’m not surprised at all about an adult-oriented model getting through LEGO Ideas. A lot of LEGO Ideas projects have been largely oriented towards teens and adults, like “Birds” and “Exo-Suit” (both of which are rated 12+). All in all, I don’t think this model is too much more adult-oriented than those.

    What it is, perhaps, is more obscure. I’d never heard of this car before it was announced as a set. Perhaps if I were more of a car buff I’d have known about it, though. I’m certainly not going to assume that my own sphere of knowledge applies to everyone. After all, I’m continually surprised by how many comments I’ve seen about these review results asking “Adventure Time? What’s that?” In many of the communities I’m a part of, references to popular cartoons are inescapable. I have no doubt that there are other communities where classic performance cars like the Caterham are as well known or more!

    Anyway, regardless of how well-known the Caterham is or isn’t, there’s no doubt that the LEGO version is a stunning model that will hopefully translate well into a final set. Its streamlined contours make it decidedly unlike any LEGO car set I’ve seen to date. Congratulations, Carl!

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