Old-school classroom is a classy build

Time for a building lesson from LegoJalex. His 80s-era school classroom model is just fantastic. From the blackboard, through the TV on a trolley, to the overhead projector and pull-down screen – the details are immediately recognisable to anyone who went to school before the digital age.


The pictures on the walls, the bags with books, and the caps hanging on chair backs – these all create the impression of a peaceful classroom about to be invaded by noisy kids fresh from the playground break. Check out some of the nice little building touches too – the horns as pieces of chalk, and the grille tiles for bunched up curtains. Beautiful stuff.

4 comments on “Old-school classroom is a classy build

  1. Mnemonyx

    Of course, if the kids are out on a playground break, they should be wearing their caps, not leaving them in the classroom!

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