Life-size LEGO BB-8 from The Force Awakens built from 11,000 pieces

Norwegian LEGO builder Henrik Lorentzen has built a life-size LEGO model of the wonderful droid BB-8 from The Force Awakens. Though not quite as adorable as a pug dressed in a BB-8 hoodie (which I saw at the dog park today), this LEGO BB-8 has all the charm of the droid in the movie.

LEGO BB-8 head on Flickr by Henrik Lorentzen

Henrik started planning and designing his LEGO BB-8 last April, using Bruce Lowell’s sphere technique and Bram Lambrecht’s sphere generator. The finished model uses about 11,000 LEGO pieces — including a thousand white 2×4 bricks and three thousand white 1×2 plates — and weighs 10 kg (22 pounds).

LEGO BB-8 on Flickr by Henrik Lorentzen

With a LEGO event at his local theater in November and the movie coming out in December, Henrik gathered all the parts he needed in September and began building, finishing it just in time for the event on November 6.

LEGO BB-8 is composed of six curved panels that fit together.

LEGO BB-8 work in progress

The interior is braced with a lattice of Technic beams.

LEGO BB-8 interior

After the event at his theater, Henrik designed a smaller BB-8, seen here chilling in the snow.

LEGO mini BB-8 in the snow

You can build your own BB-8 by following the instructions in this video:

Read more about both of Henrik’s LEGO BB-8 models in his post on, and check out his album on Flickr.

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