LEGO Angry Birds movie sets revealed [News]

Get ready to party like it’s 2009, because LEGO has finally revealed details of its April lineup of sets tied to the forthcoming Angry Birds movie. Their new LEGO Angry Birds website includes set names, box art, close-ups and breakdowns of all the play features.

The sets are as follows:

  • 75821 Piggy Car Escape
  • 75822 Piggy Plane Attack
  • 75823 Bird Island Egg Heist
  • 75824 Pig City Teardown
  • 75825 Piggy Pirate Ship
  • 75286 King Pig’s Castle


Pig City Teardown

Piggy Pirate Ship

King Pig’s Castle

1 comment on “LEGO Angry Birds movie sets revealed [News]

  1. kha-khees

    I’m actually very pleased to see the ship looking to be one of the smaller sets, all around it seems the most interesting!

    The castle has some nice parts but doesn’t convince me overall as a purchase.

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