Most popular LEGO models featured on TBB in 2015 [News]

Time for another list; the top ten of fan-built models, based on how popular they were on TBB’s Facebook page and right here on We may write about news and set-reviews, but the custom creations from builders around the world are the bread and butter of this blog. If you are sick to death of Star Wars, it’s best for you to ignore this list, as it is rather heavy on models based on the movie franchise. In fact, perhaps you are better off ignoring this blog altogether for the next few weeks, as I suspect there will be many more Star Wars models to come.

  1. Fan spends a year building 7,500-piece Millennium Falcon from the Force AwakensMillennium Falcon (Starwars VII)

    It happens to be the newest model in our Top Ten, but the Millenium Falcon from The Force Awakens built by flickr user marshal banana shot to the top of the list even faster than it could make the Kessel run. It ticks multiple boxes: it’s from Star Wars, large, immaculately detailed and has working lights to boot. It was also nicely photographed and came out just after the movie. Well played Mr. Banana, well played. Look for an interview with the builder in the new year.

  1. Massive minifig-scale model of the Millenium Falcon interior
    The number one in our list lacks a fully detailed interior, but luckily, a minifig-scaled version of that ends up taking the number two spot, so we’re all ready for our jump to hyperspace.

  2. LEGO Death Star remake in the Friends theme
    Instead of a Throne Room for the Emperor and a droid maintenance workshop, Steve Price‘s Death Star features a pet shop and a beauty salon, among other things, and it is populated by cutesy Friends Figures instead of Stormtroopers.

  3. A full size, functional Fat Man from Fallout 4, recreated in LEGO
    When I think of something called a Fat Man, it’s usually the nuclear weapon used against Nagasaki. Surprisingly, I’m not far off the mark in this case, as this particular Fat Man is a fictional gun that launches ‘mini-nukes’. I’m sure that if somebody would have built a functional nuclear weapon out of LEGO, presumably with some decidedly non-LEGO elements such as fissionable materials and chemical explosives, it would top a lot of different lists and none of them good. In this case, however, I’m relieved that functional means that it can launch projectiles.

  4. Je Suis Charlie
    Most models have made this top ten first and foremost because they are great renditions of a famous object or vehicle from a popular movie. This one is a bit different. It made the list because of the impact of the event and the subsequent discussion about freedom of expression. With the recent terror attacks in Paris still a fresh memory, the heinous attack against Charlie Hebdo may seem like half a lifetime ago, but it has been less than a year.

  5. Beautiful Blade Runner Spinner
    When I built my own version of this vehicle, I found that with all the rain, smoke and fog in the movie it’s really never properly visible. Fortunately Legohaulic‘s minifig-scale version is. Great model and great presentation.

    Blade Runner Spinner

  6. The many Star Wars faces of Unikitty
    In another mashup of Star Wars and a theme from LEGO, everyone’s favourite character from The LEGO Movie gets dressed up as characters from Star Wars. It’s original and hilarious.

  7. This *is* the droid you’re looking for
    This cute little model of R2-D2 proves that if it’s Star Wars, a model doesn’t have to be large to be popular.

  8. A Jurassic sized collaboration
    This is a large collaborative build of scenes from Jurassic Park, that won ‘Best in Show’ at Bricking Bavaria. Kids love dinosaurs and so do we.

  9. Crashed LEGO Star Destroyer from Star Wars Episode VII
    There’s something menacing about Star Destroyers, even when crashed and partially covered in sand. This look is captured very well by the model and it has a well-deserved spot in our list.

Although all of these models are undoubtedly good, looking at this list, I think it’s fair to say that to be popular, a model *has* to be based on pop-culture, with one tragic exception. I particularly like the two models in which Star Wars gets a funny and original new twist by being combined with LEGO Friends and Unikitty. In 2016 we’ll continue to bring you the best fan-built models. Who knows, perhaps even some not based on Star Wars.

Happy New Year!