Tragic end for a snowman

It’s a tough world right now for a snowman. Is anyone forecast for snow tomorrow? Rocky Mountains, put your hand down. We’re talking about everyone else, who are going to experience the great joy of a warm, sunny Christmas morning. As a former Florida resident, I’m so, so sorry.

Also, please someone tell Dorothy that tornado season might not be over.

I could never quite get behind a Florida Christmas, and this snowman very clearly couldn’t either. Fortunately, Earl Ware was on hand to capture the snowman’s fate.

Another tragic end for the Florida snowman.

Someone might want to tell Olaf.

1 comment on “Tragic end for a snowman

  1. OscarFloyd

    The Parts are so well placed!
    I feel ya on the weather. Here in SC we are going to get an 80 Degree Christmas day!

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