2015 LEGO Star Wars & LEGO Friends Advent Calendars (Day 23)

41102 LEGO Friends Advent CalendarThe day after tomorrow is Christmas! That means we’re on Day 23 of TBB’s virtual LEGO Advent Calendar series, with another pair of LEGO Friends and LEGO Star Wars minikits.

We’ll be unveiling the mini-kits or minifigs from each Advent Calendar around this time every day, and we won’t ruin the surprise — you’ll need to click through to reveal the LEGO behind the tiny doors.

For the second-to-last mini-kit, our intrepid LEGO Friends get a snow-flocked plastic tree.

LEGO Friends 2015 Advent Calendar (23)

And for the second-to-last LEGO Star Wars mini-kit, we have a speeder-ish sort of electro-sled of some sort. I’m going to assume that R2-D2 will do all the hard work to pull the sled, and predict that C-3PO will end up riding it. Lazy golden bugger.

LEGO Star Wars 2015 Advent Calendar (23)

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